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Spiral Stairs

“Heather Mackay is a true gift to this realm. A deeply intuitive being who is also masterfully schooled in astrology, numerology and other esoteric knowledge systems, her insights and wisdom have been amongst the greatest gifts in the service of healing that I have ever received. As a healer, Heather communicates clearly, empathetically and with conviction. She is thoughtful without sugar-coating; the perfect balance of playful and direct. Heather articulates and frames the qualities present in one’s chart in ways that are always empowering, rather than prescriptive. The insights she has provided me through both astrology and numerology readings have enabled me to become more self-aware and self-compassionate. She has equipped me with tools to better bring my life into balance and manifest that which I seek. Being a student of Heather’s has quite literally transformed my relationship with myself and the universe.” – Meredith Rosenbluth, Founder of: Pollinate Journal

“I took a year long apprenticeship with Heather on Shamanism. It was one of the best experiences in my life. It had life changing effects for me personally as well as for my career path. Heather gave me many tools to incorporate into my healing toolbox including, journeying, soul retrieval, magical practices, and meditations. She has a wealth of information on these subjects and is more than happy to share her personal experiences and knowledge on many aspects of shamanism. I learned pretty much all I needed to know to incorporate these practices into my life. It helped me to change my thought processes and to feel more expounded and connected to all the energies of the Earth. Heather is one of the best teachers that I have ever had. She is open to answering questions and to talk about different topics. The information she gave me was incredibly thorough and I am still looking through the notes. She gave lots of information on shamanism as well as different types of mythology, Gods and Goddesses, and the elementals. The apprenticeship helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin and with integrating this sacred path into my life. This is a sacred path and Heather treats the subject matter very professionally. She gave me lots of resources to continue my research in areas of shamanism that were of particular interest to me. I highly recommend this course and all the other classes that Heather is teaching. She is a phenomenal person and teacher. I am really grateful to her and honored to have been a part of this apprenticeship.” – Danelle Becklund, Owner of: Inner Spiral Hypnotherapy

“Heather is incredibly talented, unique, intentional, and unconditionally giving and accepting. The magnitude of her impact, encompassing beauty, and special gifts are difficult to translate into words. Her teachings and wisdom resonate in my thoughts on a daily basis. Her vast spiritual knowledge is awe-inspiring and always impeccably timed. She is a true healer who only offers and embodies pure goodness.” – Missy Ziegler, Counselor & Yoga Instructor

“Heather is the kind of teacher the world needs right now (and perhaps always has.) Her capacity to blend deep, resonant wisdom with vulnerability and humor is both welcoming and refreshing. Her metaphysical knowledge is extensive and I found myself learning about much more than just the meaning behind cards in her Tarot class. Sometimes it seems that the quality missing in spiritual teachings (and teachers) is love, and even during a short time as Heather’s student I knew three things: that I am loved; that the world was worth caring for; and that we all have the capacity for and deserve to be inwardly connected. All that in a 6-week tarot class! 10/10 would recommend! 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Two thumbs up!” – Brenton Harris, Owner at: Esoteric Mindfulness & Meditation

“We see this one has been living this one’s mission quite diligently for the past 15 years. We see this one’s mission is to be the embodiment of truth and to bring justice where necessary. We see that this one’s purpose within this lifetime is the capacity to fully accept the inner reality and the recognition that the inner reality, the quantum reality, is truth and what gets reflected and experienced is an expression of that truth. We see at the present time period this one is most aligned with her inner being and most aligned with the quantum field. There are individuals that are in need of this one’s teachings and leadership. We see that what this one is capable of teaching and leading creates a great sense of fulfillment within her and can also create a reverberating positive impact within the field and within the consciousness of the entire planet. There is a capacity with speech that this one has in which it effects the minds and hearts of individuals in a positive way.” – Golbahar Dadyan-Kraichely, Reporter of: The Akashic Records

“I have known Heather for ten plus years. Our first meeting was an astrology and tarot card reading she did for myself and my youngest daughter. Since then, she has helped me realize my full energetic potential of mySelf. She helped me with my own talents and helped bring them to the surface. In those 10 years, she delved into herSelf and expanded her own wisdom and energetic healings. She graciously included me on her journey and I shared mine with hers. She joyously is so much a part of this human experience and allows the Spirit realm to guide her. If you want to know your full potential, her and her Guides will definitely guide you. All you gotta do is Allow. She is a gift from our Universe. I am so blessed to know her and be able to call her a soul sister.” – Karen Artman, Transportation Dispatcher


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