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Numbered Stones


Heather was introduced to the topic of numerology during a meeting she scheduled with a student to discuss time management. She learned from the student that she possesses the Master of Intuition and Master World Builder numbers that carry a social responsibility to serve others. She has spent over a decade downloading personalized intuitive profiles from her masterful intuitive capacities. Additionally, she utilizes her gifts as a Master World Builder to assist others with building the life that aligns with their highest truth. A numerology profile aids an individual to better understand the Self and the aims of one’s Spirit. This reading provides the 5 core numbers of an individual from the date of birth and full name at birth. Additionally, this reading includes the life cycle numbers for the individual from birth to death.

✨ Life Path number or native traits of a person from the date of birth
✨ Expression/Destiny or tasks to achieve in the life from the full name
✨ Personality/Inner Dreams or how you present from the consonants
✨ Soul Urge/Heart’s Desire or inner cravings from the vowels
✨ Birthday/Gift or accessible energy in the life from the day of birth

✨ Life cycle numbers that change & influence from birth until death
✨ Zoom recording of the numerological profile data offered

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