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Soul Retrieval

It is a common shamanic concept that a person’s soul fractures and leaves a piece of the soul behind any time that a two legged experiences a traumatic or deeply disturbing and emotionally charged event. There are many shamans that travel via shamanic journey methods to the place that the soul fracture remains and returns this splinter back to the individual for restoration of the whole self. Heather Feather honors this understanding. However, it is her belief that the quantum light of one’s conscious awareness remains with emotionally charged and traumatic events as opposed to the soul fracturing. The function of this is for the individual to incorporate the learning and the gifts that can be gleaned from challenging events. She travels via shamanic journey methods to moments in the current or previous lifetimes in which highly emotionally charged events have occurred. She gathers the quantum light of attention that remains with the event and astral travels back to the client to blow these energies into the base of the feet, the solar plexus, and the crown of the head. She then performs any layer of psychic surgery or medical intuitive works that are needed to aid with the integration and offers guidance on the path forward in integrating the trauma so that it may be used as the medicine for evolution that all traumas are.

✨ A journey session traveling through spacetime for trauma points
✨ Gathering quantum light of awareness points to be restored
✨ Returning the light through the feet, solar plexus, and crown
✨ A Zoom recording with instructions to integrate lessons offered

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