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Shamanic Counsel

Heather has discovered that the repeat clients she's served for years often want to book a session to discuss current life issues. In these sessions she utilizes the many tools that she has garnered in over four decades of intuitive work to discern how to best serve them. She deeply listens to receive the circumstance that elicited the client contact. After attuning the client's frequency and belief matrix, she then offers methods for finding grace in the given paradigm. Her shamanic understandings garnered in this and other lifetimes are used to consider many realms in finding solutions. Heather celebrates diversity and finds great pleasure in meeting people where they are in their self chosen belief matrix. She has studied many of the worlds religions and quantum mechanics to reach the place of power for change, one's beliefs. Therefore, she may offer spiritual practice, scientific awareness, emotional or thought related work, physical movements, or any of a wide variety of modalities to assist the individual with the desired shift. She works with a soul collective of thirty-five spirit guides that refer to themselves as “Ubuntu” or “humanity to others”. In extreme cases, she may choose to do soul retrieval work in response to the conversation (see the "Soul Retrieval" service for more information on this process). The shamanic counseling session may also include any number of shamanic journey answers of this nature such as power animal retrieval, upper world guidance, cord pulling, ancestral work, guidance from the dead, and other insights that are garnered on an etheric level.


✨ Phone or Zoom call to discuss the current challenges one is facing

✨ Tools & shamanic journey work to access insights for the individual

✨ Ideal medicinal revelation for holistic healing from challenges
✨ Zoom recording of the session as a reference for the offerings

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