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Tarot Reading


Heather discovered the tarot after exploring the New Age section of a bookstore when she was 13 years old. She initially did tarot readings for herself, family, and friends. Since then, she has volunteered these services to hundreds of people to develop the life skills and understandings to be an effective reader. She has worked with over 50 decks in over three decades of reading the tarot for herself and others. She has developed deep understandings around the universal meaning of each archetype or card that she reads. A tarot reading aids one to answer questions and gain clarity where there is confusion present. Intuitive and practical guidance are offered as answers.

💫 Celtic Cross ten card spread for a detailed answer to question
💫 Relationship ten card spread to glean insights into union
💫 Individual single card readings for one that seeks multiple answers
💫 A Zoom recording of the tarot reading for reference of the reading

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