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Meet Heather Feather

Heather Mackay began reading the tarot and studying astrology in 1988 when she was 13 years old. She has given hundreds of tarot and astrological natal birth chart readings in the past three and half decades. She is an adept clairvoyant and clairaudient guide from her many years of intuitive services. She began offering numerology readings over two decades ago at which time she developed claircognizant gifts.

She has received herself, and taught others to receive, an LP Ph. D degree from Millennium 3 Education. The degree is based in a cognitive and emotive experiential training. The training has been an asset to her communication and public speaking abilities. In this same vein, she volunteered with The School of Metaphysics teaching others and receiving herself, a Respondere degree. The school aids students to hone ten essential life skills including meditation, breathing exercises, attention and concentration. The training that Heather received from the school aids her capacity to generously listen to others and discern what each client is seeking.


She has completed an apprenticeship on the shamanic path from an elder that is versed in international shamanic practices. The mentor that trained her, Charles Lightwalker, has dedicated a chapter of his upcoming book to Heather Feather's teachings. The book will be published soon and is titled: The Heavens, The Earth, The Sea and...Me? Discovering Our Inner Shaman: An Anthology. The global and universal nature of her studies has unified her understandings of the mystical into a cohesive and connected body of knowledge.

She works with tools from the world of form, or “seen realm”, utilizing rattles, crystals, candles, Palo Santo, Agua de Florida, herbs, and other aspects of the natural world. She engages with the formless, or “unseen realms”, by communing with the angelic seraphim, power animals, spirit guides, elemental spirits, and ancestral wisdom. She bridges the gap between seemingly divergent paradigms such as the masculine and feminine, matter and emptiness, intellectual reasoning and emotional intuition in a palatable and loving way.

The dharma or teaching that Heather offers in this life is illumination. Her mission is to be the embodiment of truth and to bring justice where necessary. She is devoted to reminding people that they hold within all the answers that they seek. She views her life purpose as aiding others to removing blocks to the awareness of loves presence through non-judgmental witnessing of each beings sacredness. She has opened her vessel to the light of truth and the light of love as an instrument of Spirit.

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