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Cord Pulling

There are many that discuss the need to cut cords or energetic exchanges that occur on an etheric level between the self and others to balance one’s energies. However, Heather Feather performs cord pulling in which the cord and the roots are pulled from both entities to minimize the ease of re-cording to an individual. In a cord pulling session she checks the seven chakras from muladhara or the base root chakra to sahasrara or the upper crown chakra through her medical intuition skills looking for cords and any crystallization or unwanted densities in the energy field of each chakra. She works with her power animal team to have these unwanted cords and roots removed and sent back to the void. She fills both the client and those individuals that were cording with golden light such that all awaken to their own source of light and everyone involved be blessed forward. She also brings balance to the 7 chakras in the body.

💚 Astral travel to the client to scan each chakra for imbalances
💚 Removal from each energy center of unwanted energies or cords
💚 Release of unwanted blocks blessed back from whence it came
💚 Golden light activation for client and those that corded to them
💚 Energetic balancing of the 7 chakras within the body
💚 Zoom recording of the download and clearing work done

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